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Imagine H2O’s Accelerator is the leading entrepreneurial development program for founders in the water sector. Since 2009, we have supported 150+ startups building sustainable solutions to global water challenges. Our entrepreneurs have deployed 100+ solutions in 50+ countries and have raised more than $575 million in early-stage investment. Our notable alumni exits include Valor Water (Xylem), Oxymem (DuPont), Flo Technologies (Moen), WaterSmart (VertexOne), and Emagin (Innovyze).

In 2020 alone, our 13 companies raised $17.7M, completed 80+ deployments across 20 countries, and created 30+ jobs.

Imagine H2O’s 2020 water entrepreneurs

Water is at the intersection of economics, health, climate change, and social justice — themes that are particularly top of mind given the events of 2020. For…

Field Factors will receive $100k in deployment awards, mentorship and visibility support

Field Factors wins the Urban Water Challenge

This year, the Urban Water Challenge, in partnership with 11th Hour Racing, reviewed applications from 235 promising solutions accelerating sustainability through innovation. We were inspired by the diverse background and approaches of this year’s applicants — from former policymakers merging innovative business models with available technology to emerging social enterprise leaders applying proven solutions from other sectors to water.

Of these, we chose 8 Finalists who will receive funding to deploy their technologies everywhere from Pune, India to Sao Paulo, Brazil to Newark, United States.

The winner of…

Smart Monitoring from Pumps to Pipes

Large-scale, centralized water and wastewater infrastructure struggle to meet the needs of fast-growing populations across the Asia-Pacific. As more informal settlements spring up in Asia’s megacities, utilities aren’t well resourced to expand network coverage. This is because building centralized systems incur high capital costs and are not always economically viable, especially for rural communities that will not be able to generate sufficient revenue. These challenges have led to an alternative approach that is starting to gain ground — decentralized water systems.

Decentralized water systems bring services closer to the customers, are more adaptable to…

Hear how three aerospace engineers are revolutionizing climate solutions in India

From prolonged dry spells to devastating floods, cities around the world are increasingly facing climate whiplash. In 2019, Pune, an Indian city of more than five million residents, was hit by extreme droughts that left thousands without clean water. In 2020, flash floods rained down on the city, claiming 22 lives, and displacing over 3,000 inhabitants.

But Pune isn’t alone. Across southern India, communities have been forced to confront increasingly unpredictable monsoon seasons. With over 50% of India’s population employed in agriculture, more than 200M farmers are becoming more…

Carolyn Duong and Xiaolin Luo, Imagine H2O’s 2020 Fall Associates, joined us through the Emerson Collective FirstGen Intern Program, connecting College Track college students from underserved communities to internships at California-based companies and non-profits.

Carolyn is a senior majoring in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Her experience growing up in a food desert as a first-generation Asian American woman inspired her to pursue her studies and now a career in food systems, agriculture, and environmental justice.

Xiaolin is majoring in Human Biology and Society while earning a Global Studies minor at UCLA. She originally started as a pre-med student…

Join Imagine H2O Asia and Enterprise Singapore at SWITCH 2020 for Digital Desert: Innovating for Water Resilience (December 7; 7–8 PM SGT), a session exploring the opportunities for digitizing Asia’s water infrastructure. You can also learn more about Imagine H2O Asia and its 2020 cohort at the Imagine H2O Asia Digital Booth at SWITCH Online City (December 7–11) or visit to learn more.

As the world reels from the pandemic, the climate and water risks facing the Asia-Pacific are intensifying. Over 40% of the continent’s population will face severe water scarcity by 2050. While the alarm bells are ringing, water use continues to rise with demand in Asia, and is expected to equal the rest of the world combined by mid-century. The pursuit of universal access to safe water and sanitation — non-negotiables for COVID 19 response and recovery–is further threatened by environmental pollution, urbanization and climate disruption.

Countries across ASEAN find themselves on the frontlines with a growing share of its 600…

Let’s take a deep dive (yes, a deep dive) into our 11th annual accelerator cohort, and see which three entrepreneurs came out on top


In 2020, while we perfected our Zoom attire and lighting, embraced remote work, and attended lots of virtual conferences, our entrepreneurs never stopped solving water challenges. We were continuously impressed by their resilience and progress in the face of absurd headwinds. Whether it was technical development, completing funding rounds, making key hires, deploying remotely, or building revenue — this cohort proved that innovative water technologies are needed now more than ever.

Our 13…

Fluid Robotics wins the $5,000 Urban Water Challenge Audience Choice Award

As election day in the United States continues a week later, we are excited to announce that the ballots for the 2020 Urban Water Challenge Audience Choice Award have been tallied and the results have not been contested.

In August, we asked you, the water community and beyond, to vote for your favorite deployment among this year’s 8 finalists.

We are excited to announce that the winner of the Audience Choice Award is Fluid Robotics. Co-founders, Asim Bhalerao and Nidhi Jain, will receive an additional $5,000 USD to deploy…

This summer, Xylem closed its $1 billion inaugural Green Bond. With the offering, Xylem has positioned itself as a leader in water-related sustainable financing. Scott Bryan and Kelly Trott of Imagine H2O sat down with Claudia Toussaint, Xylem’s SVP, General Council, Corporate Secretary and Chief Sustainability Officer to discuss Xylem’s evolution into green finance.

Photo credit: Xylem

Where does the Xylem green bond story begin?

This kind of financing doesn’t happen overnight. Xylem has always put sustainability at the core of what we do. Between myself, a number of other stakeholders and the treasury, we had ongoing conversations around sustainable financing as early…

Join our 8 startups as they advance progress towards U.N Sustainable Development Goals

The Challenge

We live in an era where innovation is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Technology is revolutionizing the way we live in cities — how we eat (Plenty), commute (Lime), pay (Stripe) and use energy (Nest). But has it changed the way we think about water?

Imagine H2O

The water innovation accelerator. Empowering people to deploy and develop #innovation to solve water challenges globally.

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